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Marketing is the promotion and advertising of different products and services effectively. Marketing is critical for organisations as an efficient marketing strategy helps in increasing the awareness among the customers and, eventually, the sales of products and services. Organisations require skilled and knowledgeable people for their marketing so that their promotional strategies can be effective. To get well-qualified people for marketing, recruiters extensively advertise. Marketing professionals are paid attractive packages by the companies as this remains a skilled job. But marketing professionals should have gained proper qualifications and enough experience in the field to be paid well.

Marketing assignment help

Different Marketing Courses for Students

There are different marketing courses and degrees available for the students in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada that suit their interest and requirements. The majority of the marketing courses offered by these universities require the knowledge of promotion and selling of products and services. A critical marketing concept is the marketing mix. Every marketing student is expected to have knowledge of this concept. The marketing mix for any firm includes different names, including product, price, place and promotion. There is an extended marketing mix as well, including people, physical elements and process. It is crucial to have proper knowledge of these elements to develop effective marketing strategies for the organisation. The detailed explanation of the 4Ps marketing mix is given as under.

  • Product: the product is the good or commodity developed by the organisation. The product needs to be well-developed and have unique features that can engage consumers towards it.
  • Price: The price of the product is developed as per the cost involved in manufacturing it. Organisations take up different price strategies based on their existence in the market.
  • Place: The product should be accessible to the customers easily. No matter if it’s on the shelf in a store or online, the product should be accessed well. Companies have to take strategies accordingly so that these can be managed well.
  • Promotion: Another key element of the marketing mix is promotion. There can be different promotional strategies taken up by the companies based on their requirements and budget. Certain promotional strategies include social media marketing, print marketing, TV marketing, etc. There is a need to take up promotional strategies based on the preferences of the brands.

All these are critical elements of the marketing mix. Organisations develop an efficient marketing mix to ensure that strong marketing strategies can be developed.

Another important marketing concept is SWOT, which comprises four key elements: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Let’s discuss these points one by one.

  • This comprises the strong points, USP of the organisation/brand, that makes it different from others in the market.
  • It includes the points that offer high brand recognition.
  • This comprises the points that are weak in the brand.
  • This includes things that should be addressed and may prove bad for the organisation.
  • This includes the points that can be taken and can prove beneficial for the business.
  • Opportunities can include expansion, growth and developing product portfolio, etc.
  • These are the points that are weak and threatening for the business. For instance, competition in the market.
  • Threats should be managed well so that the brand can excel.

SWOT is a well-known strategic tool used for micro-environmental analysis. When developing strategies, the marketers consider SWOT analysis.

Another popular strategic marketing tool is PESTLE, which is used for analysis of the macro-environment. PESTLE helps in determining political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental factors influencing the business. An organisation has to carry out a proper PESTLE analysis before it plans for growth or develops strategies to expand the business.

Marketing Assignment Help

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