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It is often said that leadership has incredible influence on human behaviour. We believe that it is necessary for students to learn that leadership is a social phenomenon and a process through which one individual influences others. Simply put, leadership is the way of effectively organising a group or team of individuals to achieve a common goal or accomplish a common task. A leader aims at maintaining disciplining and avoiding any kind of chaos. The main responsibility of any leader is to set a vision for the company and its people. A leader’s job does not finish just by defining and setting a vision; it is also the responsibility of a leader to convert that vision into reality. Leadership is vital in every field. The leader of the team or group may or may not possess formal authority. Most students usually fail to understand the definition of leadership and roles of a leader and thus carry false or inaccurate view of the subject. Here, in addition to providing you with a high quality leadership assignment, we also aim to make you understand that leadership as a concept and its various techniques. We also aim to make you understand the differences between management and leadership, which most students take as one. With us, you can have a better understanding of leadership as a subject and excel in your leadership assignments.

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