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Our database management assignment help experts explain database as a system that helps organize, store as well as retrieve huge volumes of data conveniently and easily. A collection of data is organized for different uses or purposes in digital form in this system. Databases are often classified as per the content type, for example: statistical, document-text and bibliographic. Today, organizations around the world use Database management systems (DBMS) to manage databases. A DBMS stores database contents, enabling creation as well as maintenance of data, and allowing search as well as other access.

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What is a Database Management System?

Well, a database management system comprises of software that manages, operates and controls databases, providing facilities like storage, security, access and backup. Abbreviated as DBMS, a database management system manages huge volumes of data in a well-organized, effective, as well as efficient manner thereby ensuring that the data is easily maintained and accessed. These systems can be categorized on the basis of the type of computer supported by them, such as a mobile phone or server cluster; type of database model supported by them, such as XML or Relational; Query language (s) used for accessing databases, such as XQuery or SQL; performance trade-offs, like maximum speed or maximum scale etc. Some database management systems fall into more than one of these categories, for example supporting more than one query language. Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, FoxPro, PostgreSQL, dBase, FileMaker and Clipper are some of the most widely used DBMS.

Today, database management systems are used in nearly all fields. Given below are a few database applications:

  • Banking: This is a database application which helps maintain and store information about account holders as well as their respective banking activities, transactions etc.
  • Library: This is a database application used for convenient transaction or arrangement of references such as books, video CD, audio CD, etc.
  • Inventory Control: This is a database application used for maintaining or keeping a record of the inventory or stock of material and for automatically generating a sales order on the basis of the requirement.
  • School Management System: Various schools around the world make use of database management systems for complete school administration such as payroll accounting, Report Card generation, students administration, etc.
  • Encyclopedia: This is a database application which manages or maintains huge volumes of information on various topics.
  • Stock Exchange: Database management systems are used for keeping a record of various shares, as well as their respective trade values.
  • Railways and Airways: Database management systems are widely used by railways and airways for ticketing, reservation, cancellation of passengers. Such DBMS also contain all the information about different trains and planes, their schedules and routes.

Advantages of Database Applications

Database management systems control inconsistencies in data, greatly reduce redundancy of data, enable sharing of same database among different users and applications, so that different tasks can be performed at the same time, maintain data security thereby preventing any kind of unauthorized or illegitimate access of data.

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