Psychology Assignment deals with the study of mind and behaviour. It is a very popular subject that attracts many students and also promises a great career. The subject matter studies human actions and understand its root cause and evaluation. It has been studied during the times of ancient Greeks, but it only became a subject of studied during the 19th century. The development of psychology took place in Europe, wherein its several branches were also introduced. Since then, many scholars have studied the subject matter of it and included their inputs and theories about the mind and behavioural patterns.

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Schools of Thought

Structural Psychology: It is one of the most popular and important schools of thought in psychology that was introduced by Wilhelm Wundt and Edward B. Titchener. They believed that it is the study of different structures of human mind, whose sum total is the mind itself.

Functional Psychology: It was developed as an alternative to structural psychology, wherein human mind is studied with its relation to the environment. Functional psychology was developed in the United States of America.

Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalysis was developed by one of the most important scholars, Sigmund Freud. He was of the opinion that actions and behavioural patterns are driven by irrational drives or unconscious mind. Thus, one should be able to liberate from the unconscious mind and then take actions. Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud includes various theories such as the theory of dreams, mind, etc.

Behavioural Psychology: In this form of psychology, the behavioural patterns are studied in terms of a public approach. It is of the opinion that behaviour is a response to external stimulus, which results in the consequences.

Humanistic Psychology: Humanistic Psychology believes that it is erroneous to study only the human mind and it is important to understand the person as a whole. This school of thought criticises the structural psychology and psychoanalysis that studies human mind through different parts.

Cognitive Psychology: Cognitive psychology deals with the study of cognitive behavior and actions such as learning and development of mind and habits.

Psychology with Sociology

Psychology crosses borders with Sociology and often the two are confused together. In fact, many cases can be studied through a psychological and sociological implementation. Many psychological terms such as ‘suicide’ have been studied from the perspective of sociology, which creates a form of vagueness. However, it is important to understand simply that it is the study of mind, whereas sociology is the study of society.

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