Refund and Revision Policy

  1. In case you decide to cancel an order before a researcher or writer is assigned to start working on it, you can book some other assignment or paper of the same value, without having to pay anything extra. However, you will have to continue with the assignment or order if researcher or writer has already been allocated, or has started working on it. This is because, according to us, it is unethical to not pay or compensate a writer for his/her work.
  2. Do not hesitate to call us or get in touch with us in case you see that you are charged more than once or have received more than one payment receipt. All you need to do is attach both the receipts in an email and send it across. The extra amount paid by you will be refunded within shorter time period.
  3. Please ensure that you provide all details of the paper or assignment, as well as complete source materials at the time of placing your order. If we deliver the first version of the assignment after the given deadline due to any reason, we will enhance the quality of that assignment to make sure that the overall grade remains unaffected even after the late submission penalty is levied.
  4. We make sure that we assign the most appropriate and efficient writer to do your assignment. However, on rare occasions, it is still possible that the researcher or writer is not available. In such a case, we do your next paper or assignment of the same or lesser value for FREE.
  5. Through our 100% satisfaction policy, we make sure that we continue to rework on your assignment or paper till the time you are fully satisfied. However, the condition is that the student or the client must not alter the assignment requirement or brief. Also, the rework or revision is only entertained only upto 31 days after assignment completion.
  6. We are sure that you would not get a ‘fail’ grade in your paper or assignment come what may. However, if it happens, it is mandatory for you to present a valid proof of failure within 31 days of completion and submission of the paper. We do not entertain any request made after the aforementioned time period. We refund 50% of the total amount in case the proof of failure is provided. As per our company policy, we fire that writer then and there.
  7. We do not have any refund policy (Clase No. 2 is the exception) in this service. Hence, as per the aforementioned clauses, if your claim happens to be a genuine one, we will do your next paper or assignment of the same or lesser value for FREE.

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