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We often keep managing conflicts in our daily lives. This is because we need positivity in our life and also cordial relations with people we live with. Conflict management is not just confined to personal lives, but is equally important for our professional lives.

Conflict management is a crucial branch of management which is focussed on strategies to manage conflicts at workplaces. Conflict management is managing conflicts and ensuring that these conflicts do not influence the culture of the organisation. The management of conflicts effectively to execute problem-solving skills is crucial. There is effective communication needed in the workplace to ensure that the conflicts are properly managed. Management students have to study conflict management as a critical subject during their management courses. Management assignments are typical since they mostly lack knowledge or miss classes due to which their concepts are not clear.

Process of Conflict Management

Conflicts are common at workplaces. There is a process used in the organisations so that the conflicts can be managed well. The process is as follows.
  • Addressing: the first step is to address the issue and determine the cause of the conflict. Once the cause of conflict is determined, it gets easy for the managers to resolve it.
  • Importance: the second step is to determine the importance of conflict management so that the vision of the employees and those involved in the conflict can be made clear.
  • Discussion: After the cause has been known, it is time to discuss the conflict, its causes and solutions with both the parties. At this stage, it is vital for the manager to stay as biased as possible.
  • Data analysis: At this stage, the data gathered in earlier stages is analysed so that a final decision can be made. This decision should be fair and must focus on resolving any type of conflict.
  • Resolution: The final stage is to resolve the conflict. At this stage, an appropriate strategy is used for resolving the conflict and ensuring that any conflict which was earlier hampering productivity is eliminated.

This is a process for managing the conflicts. In assignments, the tutor expects the students to critically analyse an organisation and its conflict management process. It is not mandatory that the conflict management process of every organisation will be the same, but the steps listed above are more or less same.

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Advantages of Conflict Management

Due to time and quality constraints, students often cannot manage their conflict management assignments, reports and essays. Most of the assignments are based on the advantages of conflict management.

  • High productivity: Conflict management leads to a lot of productivity. The employees can work together in efficient teams, wherein team members can understand each other really well. So, this leads to high productivity and the operations of the business get better.
  • Efficient management of complicated business situations: A business has many types of situations. Most of the situations can be simple and some can be complex. So, it is crucial to manage different situations. This is only with conflict management. When the conflicts between original team members are managed, they can focus on their work much better. It gets easy for them to focus on unique business situations.
  • Creative workforce: Conflict management helps in developing a creative workforce which is full of ideas. In such a workforce, innovation is the key focus and the probability of achieving success in the organisation is high.

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