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Change management is a branch of management which helps in managing distinct changes in the organisations. As a management student, it is vital to have proper knowledge of change management and its strategies. There are assignments based on change management that the students have to submit to their universities. Change management assignments can be extremely typical and should not be treated simply. This is because there are often case studies given and the students have to analyse the cases to address the questions. When you have been having a tough time managing your change management assignment, all you can do is to outsource your assignment to management experts. They can handle your assignment effectively and help you score well.

What is change management?

Change management is a concept which is concerned with managing any type of change in the organisations. However, the concept includes the strategies to introduce changes, strategies to embrace changes and strategies to enable the employees to execute those changes in the organisations. In certain situations, there can be resistance to changes in the organisations, so management strategies are taken to convince the employees to embrace the changes and take its benefits. Certain popular examples of change management in the organisations are as follows.

  • Introduction of training and development in the organisation for the employees
  • Change in the leadership style in the organisation for high efficiency
  • Introducing a new Enterprise Resource Planning system in the organisation
  • Introduction of a new technology in the organisation
  • Merger and acquisition activity for the organisation
  • Change in the organisational structure/organisational culture of the organisation

There are many other changes that are needed in the organisations. For this, students are made thorough with different change management strategies that can be taken in different situations.

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Areas in Change Management

It is a broad field and there are several areas covered in this. Some of these areas that are the basis of most of the change management assignments are as follows.

  • Organisational change management: A critical area is organisational change management, which is about managing the changes in the firms so that the employees can get maximum benefits from it. There are various change management strategies taken up by the organisations to ensure that the employees can manage the changes. The students are often asked to develop essays or reports on OCM or carry out a critical analysis.
  • Types of organisational changes: There are different changes that are introduced in the organisations. These changes can vary and be based on the needs of the business. The changes can be social or physical. Students are often asked to address case studies and recommend the strategies as per the need of the case.
  • Communication: The third crucial area for change management assignments is communication. It is critical for the students to know about different communication mediums taken by the managers to communicate changes to the stakeholders. Students can be asked to write essays, case studies, or reports on communication.
  • Resistance and leading changes: Another critical area for change management is resistance and leading changes in the organisations.
  • Different change drivers: There are different change factors in an organisation that introduce recent changes or developing the need to bring in changes. These can be triggers for changes in the organisations. Students get cases to address the change triggers in it and strategies to embrace the recent changes. A student who will have proper knowledge of the change drivers will address it.
  • Organisational culture: It is a crucial change management concept. The culture of an organisation influences the changes in positive or negative ways. It is critical for the organisations that they have healthy organisational culture else the changes cannot be embraced properly.

These are some of the crucial areas of it. The assignments on change management are mostly based on these concepts, but there are many outside topics that can also be taken up.

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