Sample Assignment – Engaging Findings of Netflix Strategy Analysis

Netflix is one of the world’s leading providers of movie streaming, TV episodes and a series on the internet!

Over the past few years, Netflix is expanding its operations and services in new markets with the aim of providing better services to larger customer bases as compares to that of its competitors. Netflix has more than 50 million subscribers in over 50 countries around the world.

Netflix aims at providing a wide range of TV shows and movies on the internet. In addition to this, many Netflix originals series are also available on various devices with internet access. Netflix has an effective growth strategy in a place that has been delivering immense success to the company. The company is doing wonders and is likely to have a great future!

The Netflix Strategy

As part of its main strategy, Netflix focuses on the growth of its large-scale and very successful subscription business which includes DVD content by mail and streaming. In order to achieve the success and growth, as well as to differentiate itself from similar businesses in the market, Netflix has adopted and implemented the customer intimacy strategy with some great innovations aiming at making the business as well as services fast and less complex for the customers. Netflix offers a user-friendly and very convenient delivery platform as well as a method to its subscribers at a very reasonable price.

The customer intimacy strategy of Netflix is considered as a very practical and a highly effective strategy because it has been facilitating immense success and growth for the company. This strategy has also been helping Netflix to expand its loyal customer base. In addition to this, the effective implementation and use of this strategy have been helping the company provide its customers with the best services. Moreover, this strategy has helped the company rise as one of the leading and most popular brands in home entertainment in the majority of households!

Furthermore, the company is also popular for delivering memorable customer experience and values. Netflix is able to sustain its position as a leader in the home entertainment market because of its unique strategy. The company keeps investigating new technologies in order to be able to deliver the best customer experience. It also keeps investing in new technologies for greater efficiency. Netflix creates customer value by adding extensive and a rich inventory of content for its customers through its recommendation engine.

Netflix provides a modified and a quick way to enable its customers to enjoy the content and have a great customer experience. Netflix delivers great customer value through its effective pricing strategy, as well.

Current Performance of Netflix

The company has been able to position itself as a leader in the market of home entertainment through its great strategy and constantly commendable performance in the market. The unique marketing, pricing, customer intimacy and growth strategy of the company has helped it sustain this position in the market by outperforming its competitors. Moreover, the company has divided its market for its different operations and knows exactly where it should compete. The company has divided its customer base into different segments by differentiating them on the basis of their subscription package. In addition to this, Netflix has also focused its new content and catalog in the services with the aim of attracting more customers. The key objective of Netflix is to provide its customers with the best internet movie and TV series services via the internet. The company also aims at further expanding its subscriber base. All these smart strategies help the company achieve a competitive edge over its customers by offering top-notch quality services. This strategy also helps the company in providing its products and services in a short time.

The findings of this analysis indicate that Netflix occupies the position of a leader in the market and that the company is able to attract more customers as a result of its unique and innovative strategies. This analysis also indicates that the company is likely to attain continuous growth and greater success in the future.

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