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Today, there is no such term as a static organisation. All organisations are highly dynamic and continuously evolving in terms of their methods, processes, tools and technologies. It is important that this change is in line with the industry environment, and the needs and trends of the customers. This change is important for the success and growth of any organisation. This is because an organisation in which there is no organisation development fails or stay stagnant. Here study, Peppercorn Dining has been found out to be facing the aforementioned problems of organisational development, stagnancy and failure in its quest to enhance its effectiveness, efficiency, and employee motivation. This is the reason Peppercorn Dining engaged Square One Consulting to provide them with proper consultation and recommendation. Erica, one of the consultants at Square One Consulting, worked in the dining unit of Peppercorn University while she was studying there. This case study writing help has been carried out to look at the various activities undertaken by the consultants to identify and analyse the various issues that are faced by Peppercorn Dining.

Peppercorn dining

The Organisational Development Process

The process of organisational development begins with entering and contracting activities. These activities help determine the various parameters and measurable factors of the phases of the organisational development or plan change process. These phases are planning phase, implementation phase, evaluation or analysis phase, and changes institutionalisation phase. Organisational entry can be defined as the activity in which the relevant client is determined. Square One’s entry process was initiated because a manager at Peppercorn, Drew Randall, knew Erica. Drew Randall was initially unsure of availing the services of Square One. However, the opportunity came to light at the time when they were talking about the issues that the dining unit of the university faces while having their lunch at the Peppercorn Dining. Contracting entails setting up or establishment of mutual expectations, resources and the time needed for developing the ground rules and working together. A detailed contract was developed by the Consultant. This contract mentioned the time that would be consumed in the completion of different activities that will be conducted to examine the operations and the effectiveness unit. The efficiency of the activities of Square One became more effective and efficient because of this.

Process of Data Collection

The data was collected by the Consultant through interviewing and observing the relevant parties. The observation method helped Square One to gain an in-depth knowledge of the operations of the dining unit. Interviews helped Square One to examine different aspects of those operations difficult to analyse through the observation method. The interviews also helped the Consultant in corroborating and confirming all the information that was gathered through the observation method. The consultants observed the on-the-job behaviours and attitude of the staff members. The consultants also worked on determining how the staff members interacted with each other. It was identified that a lot of tension existed among different staff members. Besides this, it was also determined that there was a lack of effective and efficient communication among the employees of the dining unit. As a result, there was an increasing number of inefficiencies of the operations of Peppercorn Dining.

Analysis of Data

The most suitable and effective method of analysing the gathered data and information here will be the content analysis method since the data has been gathered through interviews and observation. Content analysis method will help summarise and enter the data in an organised manner, breaking it into meaningful categories. In this way, it will be easy to reduce the data into a few categories and themes and make it easy to analyse.

Peppercorn Analysis

The manager of Peppercorn, Drew Randall, should have arranged a meeting to introduce Square one to the staff members of the dining unit and explained to them why the consultants were present. In this way, the need for the employees to keep questioning the consultants about the reasons for their presence would have been eliminated. There are three tiers of management at Peppercorn. Because of so many management levels, the inefficiencies of the dining unit are further increased as some staff members report to different managers. Although it appears like the staff members at the Peppercorn are loyal as they have been working there for so long, several conflicts exist and need to be resolved. Employee morale would be reduced if these issues continue to stay.

The consultants are clear about their goal. They enhance employee productivity and morale. The clarity of their goals helps them in enhancing employee efficiency. In addition, the consultants at Square One are also interested in making sure that this initiative is a success. After analysis of the operations of Peppercorn, Square One identified that personal conflicts exist between different employee categories. This reduced employee productivity and morale.


The following content will be included in the feedback session:

  • One of the major issues that Peppercorn Dining faces is that of lack of communication
  • The inefficiencies of the restaurant are increased because of the ineffective order and inventory systems
  • The three major employee categories that work at the restaurant do not get along with each other well, i.e. conflicts exist among them
  • Employee morale and productivity is reduced because of the shortage of equipment. The washing needs of the restaurant remain unmet because of the poor dishwashing machine
  • The feedback session will also, include the issues that the cashier has to face
  • The workers feel unrecognised and disrespected because of the manager’s high inaccessibility


It can be concluded that the problems faced by Peppercorn Dining if it solicits Square One Consultant’s services and implements all the suggestions and advice provided by the consultants to improve its systems and operations. The restaurant may need to take radical measures to implement some recommendations. But, do not implement all the advice and recommendations of Square One may cause the failure of Peppercorn Dining in enhancing employee productivity and morals. Hence, it may cause wastage of a lot of money, time and resources.


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