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We provide original and high-quality Walmart Assessment and Analysis Assignment Help. Walmart is the world’s leading retailer with its stores in different countries across the world. Our experts are highly experienced and skilled in carrying out an analysis of the external and internal environment of nearly all types of business, be it small or large, including the retail giant Walmart. Walmart is a popular and highly preferred because of its cost leadership strategy. Walmart has over 69 different banners, operations in over 27 nations, and 2.2 million associates around the world.

Our professional writers analyze the macro and microenvironment and conditions of the company, with Porter’s Five Forces Model and SWOT analysis and suggest the most suitable and effective strategies to increase profitability and competitiveness. Our online assignments help also includes the development of effective communication plans for the company besides the corporate governance mechanisms and its effectiveness in the company’s operations.

Walmart’s mission statement is ‘We help people by saving their money in order to enhance their quality of life’. Through its mission, the company focuses on cost reduction and is the leader in the retail industry. The company’s vision is also to help people live better and enhance their standard of living by providing them with good quality products at a lower price. This has helped the company increase its customer base and achieve a leadership position in the retail industry. In addition to this, the mission of the company helps the staff to work in teams and keep the prices lower, which further increases the preference of the products and services of Walmart among people. The management of Walmart also includes the supportive as well as flexible polities, which motivates its staff to put in their best efforts, ultimately helping the company to succeed and grow. The company’s management also lays emphasis on cost reduction from time to time, with the aim of increasing its customer base. The management and staff of Walmart both adopt advanced and new strategies and tactics for cost reduction, thereby reducing people’s cost of living. In addition, the company has also signed long-term agreements with its suppliers, thereby reducing the overall organisational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis shows industry attractiveness and potential success for a company. It is very much useful to analyze the threats and opportunities in the industry because of which the operations of a firm may be influenced. The five forces analysis of Walmart has been presented below.

  • Competitive rivalry in the industry: There are many players in the retail industry which makes it highly competitive. Each of these companies competes with Walmart based on cost leadership. Tesco, Target, Metro AG and Carrefour are among the major competitors of Walmart, because of which Walmart’s position in the market and industry may be affected. The competition in the retail industry is continuously increasing which may reduce the revenues of the company and impact its operations, which may ultimately impact the company’s strategic direction.
  • Threats of new entrants: In the retail industry in most countries, the threat of new entrants is low because a few retailers are in the dominant position in terms of the product range, price, and quality. Entry barriers are many because of the outstanding distribution channel, the need for huge finance, and brand name. As per our expert writers and researchers, it is important for Walmart to attract more customers to maximize its revenues to maintain a competitive position.
  • Bargaining power of suppliers: In the retail industry, there is the moderate bargaining power of suppliers because the bargaining power of the large suppliers like Coca Cola and P&G is higher as compared to that of the suppliers that are smaller. Walmart’s large market share also offers opportunities and business to wholesalers and manufacturers, because of which the power of Walmart remains more than the power of suppliers. This provides a competitive advantage to Walmart.
  • Bargaining power of customers: There is a low bargaining power of customers in the retail industry. However, Walmart is forced to keep its prices low because of the increasing market competition. The switching cost of customers remains to be low because many other companies provide similar products and services at lower prices. Because of this, it may adversely affect the market position of Walmart. Hence, it is important for Walmart to make sure that its customers are always satisfied.
  • Threats of Substitutes: There is a low threat of substitute because of a few retail stores that provide low prices and convenience to the buyers. The threat of substitutes for Walmart is also low because of the wide range of services and products that this retail giant provides. This shows that Walmart has the advantage to remain competitive and increase its competitive advantage because of its pricing and quality aspects. As per our writing and research experts, the retail industry is very much attractive for the retail giant Walmart and the company has many opportunities for potential success and growth by capitalizing on its competitiveness.

Walmart’s SWOT analysis is:

  • Powerful brand name
  • Positive reputation
  • Wide network
  • Great distribution channel
  • Strong international supply chain
  • Great staff


  • Low market share outside the US
  • Dissatisfied employees because of too much work pressure, low salaries, etc.


  • Business expansion into different countries
  • Strategic alliance and merger with global retailers
  • Expansion into Asian countries
  • Modification of stores


  • Large variety and a number of competitors across different countries
  • Political issues
  • Different regulations in different countries
  • Intense price competition

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