How to Excel in Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning are very important components of an MBS course, as it is on these aspects that any business rests. Moreover, all businesses are dependent on strategy and planning and it is because of these that the success of a business is dependent upon. It is also important to note that all responsible organizations have a separate dedicated team of people who work plan and strategize different aspects of the businesses. Therefore, it is important to note that students studying businesses, commerce and MBA have to understand the strategy and planning and excel in these two areas. This is because these aspects encompass different subjects and it becomes very important for students to understand them. Following are some tips through which students can score better and perform better in their strategy and planning assignments:


  1. In order to work on strategy and planning, it is very important for students to have a critical bent of mind. This is because when applying strategies and when planning in a business, students should focus from different aspects and be able to plan from every angle. For instance, in a business or any organization it is must for employees to plan and strategies marketing, promotions, distributions, risk factors, etc. Thus, only a critical mind would be able to understand these different aspects and plan appropriately.
  2. Another important aspect that students need to work on strategy and planning is that they should use rational thinking to solve assignments. Thinking rationally is a necessary approach to work on the strategy and planning assignments because most of the problems are based on real life issues, and these should be solved with a rational approach that actually derive at realistic solutions. Students should note that in strategy and planning assignments most of the questions are realistic challenges faced by the companies, thus they should provide with workable solutions.
  3. In order to understand the subject matter of strategy and planning students should also go through case studies of different businesses and organization culture assignments, so that they can use already existing data. The case studies of different organizations show different examples and demonstrate varied knowledge to students studying strategy and planning that can be used to apply for assignment solutions, and later in the career as well. This is why, while working on planning and strategy assignment solutions, students should use examples from case studies to derive at possible rational and logical solutions to the problems.
  4. Another important factor while working on planning and strategy problems is to derive at solutions through a step- by- step approach. A step- by- step approach ensures that students derive at solutions with a logical method and provide practical applications to the problem. This is because in the subject matter of strategy and planning, a practical approach is very important to derive at the solutions. And this is possible through a step- by- step approach.

By following these strategies students can excel in the subject matter of strategy and planning, as these are simple and efficient tips to work at solutions.

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