Essay on Health and Science: How to Maintain Patient Care?

Health and science are important fields that require students to submit critical essays. There are different types of topics chosen by students to do these essays. The tutor expects these topics to be trendy. Patient care is a crucial topic for health and medicine essays. Students who are studying medicine and health are often asked to submit essays on patient care, the significance of patient care, and different types of patient care. However, it is crucial to deal with patient care essays critically so that you can score well. To do an essay on health and patient care, it is crucial to discuss the definition of patient care, person-centred care, and the significance of person-centred care.

Essay on Health and Science

What is Patient Care?

Patient care is the practice of providing appropriate care to patients admitted to a facility or at home at the convenience of the patient. Patient care is highly significant as it ensures that the patient is getting enough care to cope with his health problems.

Patient care is an essential component of the healthcare system. It involves a range of activities aimed at promoting the well-being and satisfaction of patients. In recent years, the use of science and technology has played a crucial role in maintaining patient care. In this essay, we will discuss how health and science can be used to maintain patient care.

One of the most important ways to maintain patient care is through the use of advanced technology. The healthcare industry has seen significant advancements in the last few decades, such as electronic health records, telemedicine, and robotic surgery. Electronic health records enable healthcare providers to access patient information quickly and efficiently, improving patient care and reducing the risk of medical errors. Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients remotely, reducing the need for in-person visits and providing greater access to care. Robotic surgery enables surgeons to perform complex procedures with greater precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.

Person-centred Care

A critical type of patient care is patient-centred care. It is the specific health needs and outcomes of an individual that he can improve. This helps in including interventions as per the patient and also ensuring that he is actively included in the decision-making. They act like partners with patients so it is crucial to develop a healthcare plan by keeping them in the loop. Patients can engage with healthcare providers from different perspectives including clinical, emotional, and social perspectives. Patient-centred care has different types of elements. There is active collaboration and also shared decision-making between patients, healthcare providers, and also families of patients. This helps in developing efficient and complete care plans for patients.

Benefits of Patient-centred Care

There are various benefits of patient-centred care. The key goal of patient-centred care is to enhance the health outcomes of an individual. It does not take into account collective health outcomes but when the health outcome of an individual improves, it can result in enhancing the health outcomes of the entire population. This type of care is helpful for providers as well as patients.

  • First, it helps in increasing the satisfaction level of the patients and the people accompanying them. They build trust in the healthcare provider.
  • Second, it helps in improving the image of healthcare providers.
  • Third, it helps in improving the productivity of the healthcare provider and he can serve the patient in a better way. He is motivated to do good.
  • Fourth, when patient-centred care is used, the resource allocation process is better.
  • It helps in cost cutting as the care plans are customized as per the patient so there is no wastage of resources.


Maintaining patient care requires the use of advanced technology, research and development, knowledgeable healthcare providers, patient engagement, and a commitment to patient safety. By utilizing these resources, healthcare providers can provide patients with the best possible care, improving outcomes and promoting the overall well-being of patients.

Person-centred care is a crucial type of patient care that is used by healthcare providers to improve the health outcomes of patients. This helps in the speedy recovery of the patients.  Patient-centred care is often associated with other forms of care as well to get better health outcomes.

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