5 Common Career Myths Debunked here!

Career planning can be a daunting task. You need to focus on many things when you plan your career. However, there are many myths you may learn from your peers or family about careers and this may impact your decision. Hence, this blog is about debunking those career myths and ensuring that you can make the best decisions for yourself.

You need to take a profession related to your degree.

This is one of the biggest myths. A study conducted in 2019 indicated that education is not always related to the career one chooses later. The majority of the graduates take up a different career option than what they have studied. For example, we see a lot of engineering aspirants becoming models or taking up creative fields. Taking a career is completely different from what you have done in your education. Though this may not be true for professions like medicine or law but in major cases, this remains a myth.

5 Common Career Myths Debunked here!

There is an age for a career change.

Not at all! This is completely fake as there is no age for changing your career. A study conducted in 2018 indicated that 61 per cent of workers were over 45 years when they switched their careers due to different reasons. You can change careers when you feel like this is not giving you enough than what you deserve or this is not your passion. Hence, whatever your age is, there is no age to change it. All you need is to be satisfied with what you are doing.

Networking helps in career growth.

This is true to some extent but not always. If you are starting up, you might not have enough connections and networking. But this does not stop you from pursuing what you want in life. Over time, you can network and create connections. There are other important things also that are critical for career growth including focus, skills, etc. Hence, networking is not the only thing that helps in career growth. You should not make it a benchmark always.

Your skills are ordinary.

Everyone has certain extraordinary skills. You need to find skills that are extraordinary in you that can help you grow. Hence, you mustn’t overestimate yourself and find things that are exclusive to you. This can help you grow in your career and plan it well.

You would not get growth as the industry is competitive.

Competitiveness in an industry is a good sign as it indicates that you have a lot of scope. Hence, you should not take it negatively. You should consider it as a growth strategy and keep focusing. This can eventually help you in growing.

To conclude, career planning is not easy but you should avoid the above myths and conduct extensive research when doing it. There are challenges involved but when you adopt the right mindset, you can ace it. This ensures that you have great control over your career and keep growing effectively.

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