English Writing Skills

English writing is one of the greatest skills that students can have not only in English subject matter, but other areas also. Therefore, it is very important for students to understand the language well and work over it to prepare well written and structure English papers.

Follow these simple tricks and rules to learn English writing techniques and prepare properly structured write ups.

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Think from the perspective of your readers

While writing any kind of write- up it is important to think from the view of your readers, that what kind of piece would they like. And if you were at their place, what kind of writing would you have preferred. In this manner you can always judge your writing from a third perspective and realize if you are going at the right direction. In order to have a successful write up,

  • Avoid the usage of long sentences
  • Use direct words and do not run around the bush
  • Make your writing easy and clear to understand
  • Stay focus on literal words rather than jargons
  • Use paragraphs and have frequent breaks to make the piece look neat and easy to read.

The basic rule for your English Writing

It is very important to follow a pattern and a format while writing, as it not only makes your paper appear good, but also guides your reader at every step. With proper formatting and style of writing, the readers will know what they are actually reading. For instance, while writing an essay, you should always start with an introduction, followed by main argument and finally the conclusion. This will give a healthy dimension to your paper. In cases of research articles, you should start your writing with table of contents, followed by a well written abstract, an introduction, the main body of your arguments with various sub- headings, followed by summary or a conclusion.

Thus, it is always important to give your paper a proper structure that not only makes writing easy, but even reading it.

The importance of Grammar and Punctuations

Remember, as kids you learnt basic English rules that had proper usage of grammar and punctuations? These still matter and do make a lot of difference in all kinds of English write- ups. The use of comma, semi- colon, apostrophes etc. are very important in any piece of writing as they make the reader understand what you are actually talking about. In fact, the incorrect usage of punctuation marks can totally change the meaning of your sentences. So it is better to be careful with them and use them righteously.

These were some rules that you can follow while working on any paper that uses English language. You can use them in not only subjective papers, but objective as well. While writing anything, it is important to understand these points and use them in your write- ups. Hay wired and informal structure never represents a good write-up, and gives no meaning to your paper. So, do not forget to remember these points the next time you write something.

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