Which programming language is the best for you?

Learning to code is extremely necessary for an individual considering it as a career option. The data profession is a widely used career choice these days. This is because there is a high need for coding, and the demand for data professionals is constantly on the rise due to this. Be it collecting, analyzing, or visualising data, programming is the answer to everything. To pursue data science successfully, it is necessary to begin learning coding at a young age. There may be several programming languages for data science, but learning them all at once may be difficult. It is critical to pick the one that is best and can help you progress based on your needs.

Choosing between Python and SQL is a tough job. It is crucial to pick the right one so that you can benefit from it. Out of all programming languages, Python and SQL are the most commonly pursued by those who want to build their careers as data science professionals. However, as a data science professional, you need to decide which one is best for you.

The following section explains the differences between the two and the best way to learn them.


Python is one of the best programming languages. It is an open-source and general-purpose programming language with wide applicability in several software development domains. It is considered to be the easiest programming language to learn and use for programmers who have just started up. Being a simple programming language, it is the foremost choice of any programmer. After pursuing Python, one can get different types of jobs. There are various career paths that one can choose after having learned this language. Python is the most in-demand skill in data science. As a result, Python is required in nearly every job in the industry.


SQL is another best-practice language considered by data science professionals. The majority of companies’ data is stored in different databases. These are known as relational databases. A relational database is a type of database that provides access to data points that can be related to one another. Hence, a relational database is a scalable substitution used by programmers instead of spreadsheets.

Comparison between SQL and Python

The answer is dependent on goals and other crucial things like programming knowledge. When both programming languages are compared, SQL is one of the easiest to learn. It has a basic syntax; its sole motive is to communicate with relational databases. There is a massive amount of data stored in relational databases. Hence, learning SQL is one of the easiest choices when it comes to learning different programming languages. This can help you effectively understand the basic programming concepts, due to which there can be complicated programming languages. Hence, if you are planning to learn a language and establish yourself as a successful data science professional, then SQL is the best one out of the two.

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