Best Tips to write Resume for Students

Resume is a very important element for not only professionals but students as well. However, writing a resume is not very easy and only relevant and necessary information is to be included in resume. It can be very confusing for students to understand and figure out the important information. But by following these simple tips students can enhance their resumes and provide with all relevant information about themselves.


  1. The first thing that needs to be considered while making a resume is to have a proper structure and format of the resume. Remember that it is an official document that needs to follow standard and uniform structure. Your resume will be seen overall and scanned for first few seconds to check the credibility of your candidature, which is why it is important to ensure proper formatting is done. The margins of your resume should be wide and use proper font that is easily understood. Also use bullet points and make your resume clear and precise.
  2. Make your resume comprehensive as it not only shows the degrees that you have taken, but it also provides a reflection of your personality that helps the recruiter to understand your behaviour and attitude in real. Thus, avoid preparing a document that simply includes your qualifications and institutions of study. Try to show your attitude and thinking about the job in your resume and include the work or activities in which you have taken part that shows your interest in the job.
  3. Choose the right words and avoid making silly and careless mistakes. Do not forget that it is an official and formal document, so your language has to be given prime importance. Do not make use of jargons and provide with to the point, direct words and phrases. Also use proper keywords that show your understanding of the job and its duties in a proper manne.
  4. Highlight your achievements and accomplishments to show your growth and talent that is required for the job. Do not highlight your duties and responsibilities. The recruiter is more interested to know how you are better than others, which can be only seen through your achievements. An emphasis on duties and responsibilities is irrelevant and recruiters may also find it boring.
  5. Do not mention your expected salary in the resume. The salary part is mostly discussed in the interview itself. You may take as long as you want to and discuss about your salary, but never write it in your resume. Resume is only supposed to show your personality and qualifications only.
  6. Finally, do not forget to proofread your resume and update all the personal information from your phone number to email id, so that the organization can contact you easily. Proof reading the resume will ensure that no space is left empty and you have followed all the guidelines properly. It also gives you a chance to delete and edit mistakes and make sure that your resume fulfils all the demands.


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