Writing a Book Review perfectly

Know the purpose of book review

To write a book review very perfect, know what is the purpose of writing a review for books firstly. A book review explains about the key features of the book and also describes how successful was the book in explaining its purpose. Book reviewers explain the readers about accurate reading essence, personal response, indicates what is the ultimate theme of the book in reader’s context. Reviewer must have three main skills to write a book review. They are describing, analytical and expression of one’s own opinion. Book reviewing practice aids professors to increase their analytical competencies.


Reading the book thoroughly…

Reading the book completely will help you to understand about viewpoint of author, your personal perspectives about the book, attitudes and beliefs on author’s perspectives, whether the supporting evidences presented by author is convincing or not, relation between book with similar kind of books (i.e., topic wise), development of criteria to evaluate the book, judging the contents of book based on the purpose. It’s the purpose of book which develops the judgement criteria. The writing style of author and clarification of purpose or main theme of the book, identification of root cause of the selected purpose or problem.

How to begin…

You need to select the kind of information to be presented in the review. Generally, two-third of review should summarise the main ideas of book author and only one third should review the book. Background information of the book, subject, scope and theme as well as type of the book should be compulsorily in the book. It is the general thumb rule to write a book review. Just remember that there must be clear difference between author’s perspective and your personal review on the same book. To achieve this, you must differentiate your writing style with book author style.

Steps involved…

  • Provide a brief overview about the book.
  • Document your personal reactions and experience about the book.
  • Describe the main theme of the book and provide augmented response for author’s perspective described in the book.
  • Explore the key issues described and analyse the possibilities of occurrence of those events
  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with author’s opinion

Explaining the Key Plot…

The trickiest part of writing the review is writing plot. If you go wrong in the plot construction, readers will be misled about the information given in the book. Importantly, never provide conclusion for the review. Mention any conflicts shown in the book, if you find. Try to avoid boring review phrases and repeated sentences while sharing your personal review. Don’t forget to point out mistakes in the book. In case of fiction books, avoid complicated reviews. This will make too hard to be understandable by young readers. Also, while rating the books, avoid comparing short books with long novels. This is not at all a valid comparison. Make sure that you end your review with proper conclusion and never leave your review hanging. Conclusion can be even at one sentence.

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