How to Write a Perfect Thesis

As students go to college and experience university life, they understand the importance and relevance of a thesis. In fact, for the research thesis becomes an indispensable need and students have to work on the thesis for different subjects. A thesis is not linked to only a particular subject, we can include it in humanities, commerce, science and any kind of subject and topic. Quantitative subjects like statistics and chemistry can also have a thesis which is why this blog has been developed to let students gain some basic knowledge and understanding of writing a thesis.


What is a Thesis

By far, students would have realised that the thesis is very important and one cannot ignore working on it. So what is a thesis? The thesis is a report on a subject or a topic of interest and includes extensive research work. Usually, thesis or also known as the dissertation takes years to complete, unlike other research papers. More importantly, students write thesis majorly to gain acceptance in a faculty. So completing a thesis write up takes a few months to a few years. In this process, students are expected to research and work extensively on the topic for which they are writing a thesis. Usually, students are not alone in this task as they have the liberty to choose a guide who supports the study and helps students in preparing the thesis. The guide supervises the whole task and helps students with research, provide new ideas and concepts that can be worked upon in the topic and also support the thesis writing skills.

How to Write a Thesis

Writing a thesis usually starts with a thesis statement, which is the central point of the study that is to be carried out. The thesis statement is a very important step that presents the main topic of the report and conveys the crux of it. Therefore, the thesis statement is the heart of a thesis that shows the reader what to expect from the whole thesis.  The thesis statement is written after the initial acknowledgments to the professor, guide and people who supported the thesis are made. Later, students should start with a conclusion that elaborates the thesis statement and also provides a summary of the work done on pages that are to be followed. During this time, the reader is clear of the thesis and the kind of method is followed. Thus, students have to be careful in this step by using a formal, understandable and neat language that expresses their views and ideas of the study properly.

After the initial paper is written, then comes to the main body of the thesis that includes the research work, methodologies, tools and various tasks done to understand the question of study to drive at the conclusion. This is the lengthiest part of the whole report and it shows an extensive study that has been conducted. It is then followed by a conclusion, wherein the whole argument reduces to the main point. It is later followed by a set of recommendations and relevance of the study.

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