Five Key Mistakes Encountered when Writing an Essay

It is inevitable for students to learn about essay writing without mistakes to score high marks. Among many errors, the following five errors are frequently made by students.

Essay Writing_Tips

  1. Plagiarism – Plagiarism is regarded as serious crime in academics. It expresses academic dishonesty of students destroying reputation as well. You are expected to cite different sources in case you raise arguments, direct quotes and thesis statements. Many students mere paraphrase to avoid plagiarism which is similar to plagiarism. It is better to avoid presenting someone else’s idea as your own. Many universities use plagiarism searching tools like Turnitin to ensure that their student’s work is original. Hence, students should present their unique ideas while writing their essays and properly reference if they represent some author’s idea in their essay.
  2. Increased arguments and facts – It is always recommended to present strong arguments in essays to score high. Even your professor would have insisted you to defend your report with strong arguments and claims. Too many statistical figures, diagrams and factual data might sound too clumsy. Three arguments are enough to support an essay with 5-6 paragraphs. Do not keep factual data in every paragraph. This might make reader bored. Don’t keep unrelated statements in essay in order to make essay more believable.
  3. Confusing statements in introduction/conclusion – In the introductory note, you must introduce the topic, purpose of the essay and contents to be explained in the subsequent sections. Whereas conclusion should summarise the entire report and represent key points of the paper. Presenting same points in introduction and conclusion will render the readers much confusing. You should craft effective introduction as well as derive sound conclusion based on the key evidences supporting your argument while writing essay. You should revise both parts till you get them right.
  4. Recognise the need for essay writing help – If you have too much assignments in the midst of exams, contact professional assignments writing service. In that case, relying on professional essay writing services to get perfect paper free from grammatical and content errors. You can collaborate with the writer to get perfect work even at last minute. Essay writing service agencies also provide proofreading services which will help you to refine your errors and help you to score good marks. It will help foreign students with language issues to write good essays.
  5. Neglecting Tutor instructions and Feedbacks – Ultimate aim of essay writing is to score high marks. This can be achieved only by following marking criteria and rubric instructions issued by your tutor. Writing full length paper instead of short length as mentioned by tutor will not gain high marks. It might put you under serious risk by destroying your reputation as you are incapable following tutor instructions and feedbacks. Tutor might have planned less time for evaluating each student and you cannot frustrate the tutor by submitting full length paper. So, read the instructions and submit what is required by the tutor in order to gain good grades in the subjects.

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