Top Promises that Students can Keep for Long

Student’s is full of promises, most of which never materialize or loses importance with time. It happens year after year, and it seems that most of the students make promises to break them. Guarantees are tough to keep, and for the students, it is the hardest ‘tasks’.


Here are 5 most done promises that students always fail to keep –

  1. I’ll wake up early in the morning – Waking up early in the morning is beneficial for the students. They get more time and quality of time to study. Experts opine that early morning is the most fruitful time for studying, especially reading and memorizing essential events, and theories. Students understand the importance of waking up early at morning; hence the brave to do so without fail, but they can’t keep up with this promise for a long time. Late-night study or partying, unwillingness to come out of comfort zone and lack of determination, soon break their confidence to wake up early.
  2. I’ll plan my daily schedule – Planning and allocating time for every activity is an absolute necessity for a student. It helps a student to work and study more confidently without missing any significant event. It is found that students who prepare their daily, weekly and monthly schedules, and work accordingly are more successful students than the other who do not possess any plan and schedule. Students understand the importance of scheduling their activities ahead of time, and they promise to do so regularly. But, in practice, they can’t keep their promise for a long time. Some forget to plan their schedules, some ignore it, and the rest postpone the activity until ‘tomorrow’.
  3. I’ll exercise every day – Student’s make this promise on the eve of the new year, and soon skip that activity. Exercise is essential for a student for better mental and physical growth. Exercise also keeps a person protected from common diseases. A student knows the importance of training; that is why he or she promises to work out daily. But soon he or she get excuses to skip this activity and lead a life as it was in the previous year.
  4. I’ll eat healthily – It is another standard resolution of students. A healthy diet is necessary to stay fit and study more attentively. Fast foods, spicy foods, cold drinks, tea, coffee, and many similar types of items are top-rated among students, but these foods damage health and lessens stamina. Every student knows the ill-effects of these foods, so they promise to not indulge in these foods anymore. It is tough to stay away from the attraction of fast foods and beverages. Thus, they soon lose determination and forgets the promise.
  5. I’ll study hard – This is the most popular promise that the students made after each semester. But, it is also the most robust promise to keep up. Most students break the sign with a month and once again commits the same mistakes they have committed the previous semester

Promises are always a step forward towards success. Students need to maintain their wishes through strong determination only. It is a tough job, but once habituated, promises work wonder for them. If you are looking for assignment writing services, then you are right place. We offer assignment writing services at an affordable price. Just contact us and ask for help; we will take your assignment writing responsibility.

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