Top Ten Universities for Animal Research Announced

Animal research is the process of using animals for conducting different experiments to study different medical conditions. Nowadays, students are increasingly interested in studying animals and understanding their behaviour. It is because of this that universities are investing in animal research and encouraging students to pursue it as their majors. Animal research helps us to understand the different features and characteristics of the animal and their behaviour. It is because of this that this field has got much recognition. There are now several universities that have come forward to conducting animal research. Here we make a list of all those universities that have researched animals and introduced similar programs for their students.

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Edinburgh
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. University College London
  5. Kings College in London
  6. University of Sheffield
  7. University of Manchester
  8. Cardiff University
  9. Imperial College of London
  10. University of Glasgow

All these universities have completed different procedures on animals so they can examine the behaviour of animals towards different things. The best thing about animal research at these universities is the minimal or no use of animals at all. When scientists perform procedures on the animals, they ensure it they use minimal animals. These universities use practices that include replacement, reduction and refinement. With these techniques, they avoid or substitute the use of animals wherever needed. Therefore, the animals used are minimal and performing animal researches in a proper way. This helps in improving animal welfare. But it is indicated by various researches that the use of animals can rise abruptly even when the animals used per study are few.


The universities listed above have signed a Concordat on Openness on Animal research in the UK. Therefore, they are committed to being open to animal use in a medical way. The 120 universities across the globe have signed this concordat. With this, the universities show proper information about how they have conducted the experiment and the need for conducting the experiment. The universities that have signed this concordat also provides a clear view of the animal numbers effectively.

Amongst all the universities, Cambridge University has got recognition for its movies on animal research including Fighting Cancer and Understanding the OCD Brain. They conduct the first study to study the use of mice by examining different cancer. The second movie aims at providing knowledge of how animal and human studies help in exploring different mental health conditions.

It is important to note that many times; the universities use inhumane ways to kill animals and use them for experiments. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that animals used for the experiments are not exploited and treated in a bad way. It is because of this that these universities listed in the section above have signed a concordant, as per which, these universities must show the number of animals used in the experiments on their website.

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