Survival Guide to Your Life in a College Dorm

College is one of the best years of a student’s life and students have the scope of having a lot of fun in their college life. However, dorms also play a significant role in a student’s experience as a substantial amount of time is spent inside the college dorms. Many friendships are built inside the college dorms and students share many feelings, emotions and even heartbreaks inside their dorms. Joining the college and entering the dormitory can make students nervous initially. Students are mostly worried about the fact that would they be accepted in their dorms and will people welcome them or get against them. So here we present to you survival tips for living in a college dorm.

Survival Guide 2

  1. Try to make friends and introduce yourself to your roommates and dorm mates. Not many students may come to you, off course there will be a few who will come to you and introduce themselves because they will be curious about you. But there are chances that many might not happen, so do not worry and go yourself and give your introduction. Be outspoken and confident when talking to new people. And show how interesting you can be by sharing your life experiences. It will provide you with an instant likeability among other students.
  2. Do not keep to yourself. Nobody wants to be friends with a loner and only those students are famous who have the confidence and style of talking to other people. The key is, either you have to be useful in studies, or good in sports or be helpful in talking and make friends. Even if you do not have any of these qualities, try talking with more people and take an active part in studies and focus on your goals.
  3. Adjust to your surroundings. It is the key to adjust to your new dorm life because there will be many students with different habits and different cultures. So you need to be patient and respect every individual’s lifestyle, attitude and perspective. It will give an edge over the others. You may also not get enough privacy in your dorm, do not get irritated and try to find moments or a special place in the campus wherein you can enjoy some privacy and your own time.
  4. Take all your important stuff to the dorm. Campus life and dorms will be your life for some time, so take all the essential things that you need at home. Off course you will not enjoy the luxuries and comfort of your home. So choose only things that are important and do not take a lot of time. Keep a good pair of slippers, shoes, toiletries and other essentials that can go with you for a long time. Do not be soft and brittle people; be stable and robust in your dorm.
  5. Find support and talk to them in need and help. Your teachers, head and wardens will there to help you and support you, so you can always talk to them and ask your queries.

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