Feeling Stressed or Unmotivated: Use these 7 Effective Tips to Manage them

Stress and tension are the parts of the college or university life. Hectic schedules, understanding new lessons, tough competition, or stiff deadlines keep the students tensed and sometimes indecisive or confused. You may also feel unmotivated sometimes for not scoring high or impressing your professor or missing a deadline. There are students who give up to these situations but you should not. As stress and elements of un-motivation are there so also some effective ways to come out of these situations.

Stressed or Unmotivated

Tips to come out of stress and unmotivated

Learn how to come out of these situations. Let’s learn ways to manage stress and unmotivated:

  • Make a routine and study every day: This means you do your lessons, homework, assignment, etc. every day. If an assignment is given one month’s deadline, then don’t wait for the last seven days. Work on it right now. If a lesson is taught in the class today, review it today as you may forget certain part of it after 2 days. So, study following a routine and study every day to stay the updated and memorize all important lessons well. It will keep you tension free.
  • Make priority and study: As discussed in the previous point, work on the lessons you are taught today on a priority basis. Scientists say we forget almost 80% of a new lesson after 24 hours; so, revision, solving problems, writing small notes on a new lesson right after the professor’s class or coming back to home enables to remember the lesson well. This means you should set priority to your daily study routine.
  • Write small notes lesson wise: When a new lesson is taught in the class or a new experiment is showed in the lab, create small notes. Keep a separate exercise book for the sake and manage it. So, when you study the lesson just review the notes. It makes your study easier and faster. Often, the professor says something important that is not written in the book.
  • Set a goal and achieve it: Your study should be target oriented. You should have a broader goal and then smaller goals. The smaller goals should be in commensurate with the broader goal. For example, “I will complete 50 problems in differential calculus today” or “I will complete the 5 questions in the mechanics chapter” etc.
  • Sports is a must: Play an outdoor game you like every day. It keeps the mind fresh and healthy in fine tune. It is a proven fact that playing regular make good friends, enhances determination, and boost energy.
  • Listen to music: Nothing is as effective stress buster than music. You can play music anytime at your home. Keep a record of your favorite tracks on your mobile phone or computer and listen to them whenever you feel exhausted or unmotivated.
  • Study break: It is also necessary. After a long prolong study schedule take a short break for 1-2 days. Go somewhere else, if possible to a short tour with your family or friends. Study break is necessary for detoxing your mind.
  • For an effective study, feeling stress-less and motivated is extremely important. You don’t know or know very little what you are going to face in future. Every unknown matter can be a source of stress or demotivation. So, you have to learn the art and science of managing them.

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