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What is leadership?

Leadership is managing a group of people who want to achieve a common task. This is a vital skill across all industries. It is an art to motivate a group of people for acting towards a common goal. In businesses, it can mean directing colleagues and workers with a strategy for meeting the needs of a company.

It includes the essentials to inspire other people. It bases effective leadership on ideas, however, it will not happen unless the ideas communicate to other people in such a way so that they are engaged and act the way a leader wants them to perform.

Features of leadership

Following are some important features of leadership:

  • This is an inter-personal process that managers used to guide and influence workers to attain their goals.
  • It is a group method. It includes two or more two people communicating with one another.
  • It denotes some qualities that should be present in people including maturity, intelligence, and personality.
  • Leadership base on the situation. This cannot be any best style and it depends on dealing with the situations.
  • It involves Leaders in moulding and shaping the group’s behaviour towards accomplishing the goals of an organisation.

Importance of Leadership

Strong leadership can change the whole ambience of an organisation. Good leadership also contributes positively to organizational culture. Hence, it’s imperative to understand the importance of leadership:

  • Motivation:- Leaders play a significant role in the working of an organisation. A leader motivates the employees with rewards.
  • Initiates action:- A leader communicates the plans and policies to their subordinates.
  • Creating confidence:- Confidence is a vital factor that can achieve via expressing their work to their subordinates, giving them the guidelines for achieving the goals, and explaining their role.
  • Building morale:- Morale shows the willing co-operation of employees for their work.

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