Common Mistakes One Can Avoid While Writing A Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is never an easy job. It requires a right level of understanding, in-depth research, planning and writing skills so that the reader can understand it well. While writing the dissertation, most of the students fail on one or other aspect and lose confidence. Also, some students work hard, but due to minor mistakes, their work loses its value. With this blog, you will get to know what small mistakes students make that can be easily avoided.

writing a dissertation

  1. Poor research- every dissertation would require your focus on the research. Read as much as you can. Shallow or weak research will add no value to your work. If there is already an extensive study available which you are presenting through your work but didn’t read much about, your scores will be hugely impacted.
  2. Formatting the chapters and sequence- there should be a logical sequence of the chapters. No chapter should end abruptly. Instead, one chapter should end in a way that it leads to another chapter and builds the reader’s interest.
  3. Getting started too early- don’t jump too early to start writing. Think through it. Take your time to choose the topic and research. Once there is ample research done, you will be able to start writing the right things that add value to the work.
  4. Getting started too late- this is also one of the common mistakes students make. Writing a dissertation is a lengthy process compared to those assignments you had in your school/college. Once you are sure of the topic and have done enough research, start writing drafts. It will take too many drafts to finalize the one that serves the purpose.
  5. Topic selection- choosing a lengthy topic may appear to be different and interesting, but it often confuses the reader. Also, choosing a topic that doesn’t interest anyone will make you even lose interest while writing the piece. Choose the topic wisely.
  6. Lack of structure in writing- If you get to read a piece of 1,000 words with no paragraphs or sub-headings, then you will lose interest and also would not understand where the work is leading to. Think through the reader’s perspective. Write in a manner that you give proper paragraphs, use headings and sub-headings.
  7. Unnecessary tangents- write data that is relevant and contextual so that the objective is not lost.
  8. Unprofessional writing- have you read a book with poorly organized referencing done or lacks quality in terms of content, appendices or acknowledgements? The focus is not just to get your work published but to write as professionals do. Callous writing will never gain good response or excellent scores.
  9. Plagiarism- We are living in the age of technology. If your work is plagiarized, then this will cost you dearly. Don’t put your work in jeopardy. Focus not only on spelling and grammatical errors but also on the plagiarism.

write a good dessertation

Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will bring quality and credibility to your work. So write your dissertation keeping in mind all these points as it will help you succeed.

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