A Comprehensive Guide to TEEL Paragraph Structure

An essay can give you plenty of sleepless nights if you do not know of how to structure it well. If you have just begun your higher education and your tutor has asked you to submit an essay, then it is vital that you have a superficial knowledge of the structure appropriately. An essay’s common structure is introduction, body and conclusion. This is a typical structure followed in every essay, but the structure can change as per the need of the requirements. This blog is specially written for you if you have been writing an essay for the first time and focussing on getting an excellent grade. A popular essay structure, known as TEEL paragraph structure, is used by the writers to structure your essay. The blog explains this well-known TEEL structure followed by writing the best essays and impressing the tutors to give you outstanding marks.

What is the TEEL Paragraph Structure?

TEEL paragraph structure is an essay that is highly organised and formatted in the best way. The organisation makes it easier for the readers to go through the essay so that one can read and understand it. In an essay, it is very important that one is clear about the purpose of the essay. It should not be confusing as it can put a poor impression on the reader. So the TEEL structure is followed. In the TEEL structure, the emphasis is on using a topic sentence, an explanation, evidence and a connection that summarizes the paragraph in a sentence. This sentence then provides a link back to the key terms of the essay.

A Comprehensive Guide to TEEL paragraph structure

Let’s take distinct elements of the TEEL structure one by one.

  • Topic sentence: The first element is the topic sentence describing the essay topic. This is the first sentence of any essay. So, you need to ensure that you write well and that it puts an engaging impression on you. This sentence you used to help others know about the purpose of the essay. The topic sentence has to be something that reveals to the reader why the essay is being written and what the reader can expect in the essay.
  • Explanation: Here you need to explain the essay topic. Explain the topic sentence effectively. You can use scholarly literature to provide explanations and properly reference them to make your research as genuine as possible.
  • Evidence: here you need to provide detail of the evidence. This is important, as you need to support your claims with proper evidence. You need to give strong references so that your essay can be as authentic as possible.
  • Link: Here, you write a sentence that links to the summary of the paragraph and then this sentence links back to the key terms.

So, this is the TEEL structure you need to use for structuring your essay.


A TEEL paragraph is the best way to structure and write your essay. This enables you to write your argument well. Every paragraph is exclusive and explains a specific idea. One can tell the reader about the claims and provide an explanation effectively. However, if you could not acquaint yourself with writing TEEL paragraph structure, then you can give your work to our assignment writers so that they can help you with writing the best essays.

Our writers ensure you get outstanding marks in your essay and you can keep coming back to us for your every essay.

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