5 Mistakes that Ruin your Semester Exam

If your semester exam is just around the corner then this post is for you. Your semester exams help you decide your fate in your course. It is vital that you have prepared well before the exam so that you don’t have to panic in the examination hall. Examination stress can be a concern and the intensity of the stress is high when you have many problems but no time in hand. Also, there are certain things that should be considered when your exams are approaching but you hardly do it. It is because of this you should know that you do not commit any mistakes and use time in hand in a productive way.


We provide you a list of the 5 mistakes that can ruin your semester exam but you will still commit them and regret later. These mistakes should not be committed and once you fix them, you will definitely score well.

  1. Give yourself time: the first thing you should do is to give yourself enough time so that you can prepare well. This is vital so that you can go through everything in the syllabus well and with a lot of satisfaction. If you do not give yourself time and leave everything for the last minute, then you cannot score well. If you have time, you can manage everything well and do not get panicked.
  2. Carry out proper planning: the second thing to do before the semester exam is carrying out proper planning for the preparation. This should be done by making a plan as per the syllabus of the exam. In your plan, spend more time on areas that you think you are weak at whole must carry out enough time and less time for your strong areas.
  3. Using past papers: another thing which you should consider when going for a semester exam is going through past papers. The past papers provide an idea about the questions that can come in the exam. It is because of this you can be confident about it.
  4. Discuss with your tutor: it is crucial that you prepare your weak areas first and also discuss with your tutor. In case you find yourself in trouble with not understanding something, you can approach your tutor and clear your doubts. It is crucial for you to have enough time in hand when you discuss with your tutor so that you can achieve high success in your examinations.
  5. Take mock tests: the best way to prepare for your exam is to give mock tests as much as so that you can understand your progress better. Mock tests can either be available as past papers or in the university.

These are some tips that can help you score well. You can discuss with your tutor and your peers about different areas and questions.

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