10 Best Ways to Push Away Exam Related Stress

Exams are always stressful. As the date nears, stress and tension crumble much of energy. Some over-stressed students even succumbed to extreme stress and struck by many types of physical disorders like sleeping disorder, stomach ache, increased blood pressure etc. But, students must learn to stay calm and focused during this time. After all, this is the time for which they wait throughout the sessions.

10 ways to tackle exam stress

There are ways out to tackle exam stress very efficiently. Here are the ten most effective ways to practice regularly to combat exam-related stress –

  1. Study Thoroughly – Whether it is exam time or not, be an attentive learner. Always keep yourself updated and follow what your teachers are saying in the classes. Be sure that you’ve complete knowledge of all the subjects on which you are going to appear in the examination. It is better to take mock tests as much as possible before the exam. At the same time, revise all your subjects as many times as possible. Practice various types of problems and ask your teacher to give complicated issues. Solving hard problems will make you more confident.
  2. Study scientifically – Studying 10-12 hours a day or studying throughout the night is of no use until you consider carefully. Learn to take brakes and relax, but view less TV before the exam. It is far better to play outside or socialize with real-world friends. It is not the total hours, but how you are studying that matters.
  3. Mark your weak areas – If you think that some subjects or some lessons of a subject are worrying you, then don’t waste time and consult your class teachers and private tutors immediately. Find a way out to tackle those tough lessons. It will reduce your stress remarkably.
  4. Stay Healthy – Take care of your health. Don’t stay awake late at night, and stay away from fast foods and street foods before the exam.
  5. Stay confident – As the final day nears by, you need to stay confident. Stay confident and speak with everyone confidently. Don’t let the exam bugs bite you and suck your energy.
  6. Try relaxation techniques – Try different relaxation techniques and yoga whenever you are feeling too stressed. If these are not working, visit a psychiatrist.
  7. Sleep well – Sufficient sleep is needed before exams. Your entire nervous system and brain need sufficient rest to remember everything that you’ve learnt throughout the year or semester.
  8. Avoid caffeine before exam – Small quantity of tea is right to boost your energy, but never indulge in coffee or tea before the exam date or just before the exam day. Instead of increasing your strength these products will tense your nervous system.
  9. Plan well before the exam day – Plan well at least one day before the exam day. Keep all necessary items ready and bagged Plan when will you start from home and how will you reach the exam Centre? Planning all these a few days before will keep you free from unnecessary tension.
  10. Don’t push yourself into irrelevant thoughts – Plenty of unnecessary ideas will come into your mind. Closer the exam day, more vigorous will be those illogical thoughts. Damn them on the spot.

Stress will come up naturally but handle them tactfully. These are not going to do any good with you or with your exam. Use these tips to get higher scores in exam.

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