What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing today. The whole world is worried about global warming as changing temperatures and melting down of ice has been serious concern for all today. The increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have resulted in global warming, which is basically the rise in global temperatures. Air pollution, emission of harmful gases from factories, deodorants, perfumes, refrigerators, vehicles, etc. are some of the leading cause of rise in global temperatures. This can have serious implications of human life, which is why it is a major concern for us.

What is Global Warming?

One of the biggest fears of global warming is rise in sea level due to melting down of ice from both the poles. As a result of which, low lying areas may experience e flooding and there are many places that might not even exist in future, and one of them is Venice. Each year with high flood Venice is sinking and it continues to exist. Another such place is Maldives and it is a loss to human life. They might completely disappear from Earth if necessary steps are not taken on time.

Another very serious threat with global warming is the changes in weather patterns. From last few years the whole globe is experiencing harsh weather conditions like harsh winters, harsh summers, more rains, flooding, and increased drought like conditions. Such weather phenomena have taken a toll on human life and resources. For instance, the U.S. witnessed too many hurricanes each year with an increased death toll. These abnormalities in weather are a matter of concern for all.

Further, Global warming also results in a negative effect on animals because many figures are changing with the increased death of animals and their extinctions. One such example is fishes because of their rising death rates. In fact, it is also important to note that insect borne diseases are also increasing as a result of global warming and changing patterns.

These problems have been noticed by every country and all of them are working to come up with a sustainable solution, as it is very important to control the present situation otherwise things will get out of hands very soon. One of the most accepted solution is to reduce the use of carbon dioxide by inventing alternative solutions. Many countries have already limited their use of coal, gas and oil by using renewable sources of energy. There has also been an increase to use more solar power in various ways. Another manner through which global warming can be culminated is by planting more number of trees and increase the forest cover on Earth. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen that helps to reduce rising temperatures. It is also important to recycle waste and re- use them without wasting energy.

Thus, it is very important to take such small steps in our daily lives as well to reduce the problem of global warming.

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