The Big Picture – After College

Life after college can be exciting, strange, full of joy, or traumatising for a lot of recent graduates to adapt. It’s all how one takes it. It’s just like congratulating graduates for being unemployed.
After college, there is a lot of responsibility that comes. One turns into a mature adult person. However, it is difficult to turn into a knowledgeable person because every graduate is in a casual mood of life. Therefore, to adapt oneself becomes a little complicated. It’s not that you have to turn into a boring adult, but you have to make wise decisions in life-related to your career.


There are certain things like budget, adapting to adulthood, job, savings, investments that come in one’s mind when one steps out of college. When you are in college you get the massive amount as pocket money from your family but as soon as you start earning you have to set a constant budget for surviving as well as saving for your other needs. This is where one realises a difference between a REEL life and REAL life. It’s difficult to accept after college that you have to welcome adulthood and with that comes the responsibilities. Its always good to embrace all the changes that come with it.

Also at times it’s difficult to decide on your occupation and also staying committed to your job. We often find our-self in a cobweb that whether we like the job or is there is something else that we are meant for. As soon as you get a job, it becomes necessary to save to plan for your future. It is always wise to open a savings account and deposit some amount of your salary as saving.
Along with the above changes at times, it’s difficult to see others grow. You may see your friends on social media moving in a different direction with high pace. At this point, you should never compare yourself with others; instead, you should focus more on how you can progress towards achieving your goals.
One should move step by step by planning short term as well as long term goals. There is a possibility that everything will not fall into place right away, but one has to be proud of oneself to keep pushing towards bigger goals.

Few things to keep in mind while you are studying in college so that it keeps you ready for the Big Picture :

  1. Networking is important. Make as many contacts as you can and use it to your advantage.
  2. Research a lot about your career field. You should be aware of all pros and cons of the industry you are planning to move.
  3. The internship is essential to get a first-hand experience of professional life.

There is a life after college, but all you need is to be frugal and patient.

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