Often students are confused between research paper and thesis paper. The major difference between thesis and research paper is that thesis is written in the form of a document for obtaining a degree or qualification. A thesis paper is also known as a dissertation that is also written to get acceptance in a particular program or faculty. On the other hand, thesis is a report on a subject or topic of study. A thesis paper is lengthier than research paper and usually takes years to complete. Moreover, thesis is associated with post- graduation students or student’s completing their master’s degree. It also often counted as a separate module or a subject of study that requires an individual guide. A research paper can be prepared by high school students as well, there is no particular degree program requiring a research paper as it can be prepared at any level. Moreover, depending on the number of words, a research paper can be prepared in a few days or months. It is a part of the subject of study and not treated as a different module or subject.


A thesis paper also requires the student to choose a guide who helps in the completion of this document. The guide is called a supervisor who helps the student with technical information and oversees the thesis paper. The main task of the supervisor is to help students, increase their subject knowledge and enhance their thesis writing skills with technical knowledge. The supervisor also checks the paper before it is submitted in the university. These days universities consist of a team of supervisor, wherein the students are helped by the whole team for their thesis paper. However, a research paper does not require a guide and students may conduct the research with documentation themselves.

Research Paper

Further, a thesis is also marked with an oral examination, which is usually the final step of thesis paper. The oral examination takes place after the submission of thesis paper wherein, students have to present their thesis orally in front of the examination board and answer their questions during the examination process. The final results of the thesis are only given after the completion of oral examination. The research paper on the other hand does not consist of many mandatory oral examination and the results are provide after submission of the research paper. Unlike the thesis paper, a research paper does not necessarily have to provide with a new theory or conclusion, it can be simply an overview of already existing theories with their validation from the perspective of the student. A research paper moreover is a short and less complicated document that does not consists of all the features of a thesis paper. However, both the papers should be original pieces of work that have to be referenced at the end.

Thesis Paper

It is also important to note that every university has its own set of rules and regulations, and the students should first go through the instructions of their professors before starting their thesis or research paper.

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