What is a Persuasive Speech, and Why is it Important?

Persuasive speech is a type of speech in which the goal is to engage the audience in order to manage the speaker’s point of view and also to carry out an effective desired action. In this, the speaker makes use of words and images to guide the thoughts and actions of the audience. With the rapid internet age, numerous drastic changes in how people approach technology and communication exist. As a result of this, real-life classroom discussions have become extremely crucial. This has increased the importance of persuasive speech. Students may struggle with social interactions, but they can overcome their difficulties by improving their public speaking skills and overcoming problems effectively. Hence, persuasive speech is crucial for teaching students how to put forward their ideas and arguments and communicate with each other. This blog is about the importance of persuasive speech and tips for using it.

What is A Persuasive Speech & why is it important?

Purpose of Persuasive Speech

Nowadays, the key purpose of a persuasive speech is to engage an audience with a particular point of view. These speeches take several forms, including ads and different types of interviews. When a speech is written, it is crucial to remember what was heard. This implies that there is thought given to how it might sound. There are a few tips for persuasive speaking. Here are a few of them:

  • Determine the target audience: the first tip is to determine the target audience effectively. There will be an audience that will agree, disagree, and also remain undecided about the topic. It is vital to focus on the part of the audience that doesn’t know about the issue. Hence, the first step is to determine the target audience.
  • Manage the goals of the speech: Another tip is to articulate the goals well. It is crucial to know if the speaker wants to engage the audience and understand the action to be taken. It can help a speaker to contact the audience in the right way to articulate the goals of the speech.
  • Adequate use of persuasion speech: Persuasion is the art of convincing other people so that they can agree or be convinced. The majority of people can know about it. Persuasion is crucial, as it can enhance sales and help build trust. People are not able to realise the value of persuasion. These are some tips that should be taken to manage persuasive speech.
  • Listen to opinions: It is crucial to use persuasion skills so that people can listen to their opinions. This ensures that one can ignore the perspective. Every decision is incapable of effectively taking into account opinions.


It can be concluded that persuasive speaking is an important speaking method that helps engage most people. This speech can include different things by discussing several topics. Persuasive speaking is connected to the audience. However, persuasion is not regulated by the speaker. It can be indicated that if one can persuade or at least hear about what should be done, an individual can have a good impact on decisions.

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