Tips for Writing an Engaging Introduction

A research paper is engaging when its introduction is engaging. Your reader will get impressed when you write an impressive introduction to your paper. As they say, ‘the first impression is the last impression,’ so one thing which a writer needs to ensure is that he gives an impressive introduction so that the first impression is good. It should be kept in mind that if your introduction cannot convince your reader then the whole essay writing or research paper will do not convince. Hence, know how to write an engaging introduction.


We provide here a list of tips that must be used when starting your introduction and ensuring it is engaging.

  • Understand the purpose: understand why the introduction is written. It should not be a lengthy paragraph rather it should be a precise paragraph which should include the purpose of the paper, approach to be used to write the paper and why should your reader be interested in your paper. Well, it’s daunting to include all these things in one place but your introduction should have it all. Also, your introduction should be written in an engaging way so that your reader is interested in reading the subsequent paper.
  • Keep it precise: as shown earlier, your introduction should not be lengthy. It should be precise and short. The introduction should include only the points needed and not unnecessary things. It is vital to understand that a reader will not be interested in reading a story since time in hand may be short. Therefore, focus on keeping to the points and addressing the key points.
  • Include worth of your paper: your introduction should definitely focus on why readers should read your paper. You must answer, why should anyone read your paper? Once you have addressed it, you have written a good introduction.
  • Add a personal touch: you can add your personal experience in the introduction to make it interesting. It will add uniqueness to your paper and your reader will be impressed with it. You can even include a quote in your introduction to make it attractive. You will definitely be able to engage your reader if you add it.
  • Consider working it: this may sound absurd but some find it effective to write the introduction at the end. This is because they have researched well and have plenty of information to write an engaging introduction. They can address different questions in an effective manner.
  • Re-read it when you are done writing: one thing which you should do with no miss is re-reading your introduction. Your introduction might contain some errors which can only be fixed when your proofread.

These are some points by OnlineAssignmentsHelp to be considered when writing an impressive introduction. You can have more tips for writing a good introduction but the key aim should be to write an introduction which provides a good experience to the reader. We assure that if you follow these tips, you will write a good introduction.

However, in case, you cannot write an introduction that convinces your reader; we are here to help you with your academic writing needs. We have a pool of experts who can write engaging papers for you that have an impressive introduction.

To conclude, the introduction is key to a successful and impressive paper. You should be precise and innovative in your approach. However, if you think there is any problem with the paper, you can discuss it with your tutor or peer so that you can write effectively.

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