Operation Management: The Backbone of Every Company

Operation management is the backbone of an organisation, as this field focuses on managing all parts of the company. An organisation carries out various functions as its part of operations. Multiple companies are involved in making a product of some kind, or they are just producing a saleable service of some sort. An organisation work is also to perform some other functions such as sales and marketing, accounting, and administrative capacity to manage the employees and the business. The role of operation management is given attention to the purpose of providing the goods and services and to assure the production quality of the products and services.


The individuals involved in the operation management used to apply some of the tactics and tricks for increasing the productivity of the business and reduce costs by meeting the requirements of the customers.

The importance of operations management on various organizations functions:


This is one of the most important functions in the manufacturing industry. The analysis of the operations done in the engineering function is both qualitative and perspective. The engineers without getting the training of operations are just waste and they waste millions of dollars for overseeing the operations.

To get the advantage up to the maximum level, an individual needs to evaluate the process. Thus, knowing the operation, an engineer can quickly put their analysis on individual processes into a general perspective of the operations systems.


The finance employees use to think about the ideas overnight for the budget, but having some of the operations knowledge can help them to make a better decision for the organizations. Let’s take an example: If the leader of the operation asks up for the money to de-bottleneck a method, and tells you to aim for increasing the capacity of the existing process. Knowing the processes also makes it easier to estimate the costs as well as advantages of the investment.

Information Technology:

The bigger the companies the bigger is the part of the Information Technology operations. Thus, having the skills and proper knowledge of the operations helps the individuals to build operations.  Usually, companies are believing the traditional ways of doing things.

While automating if the IT companies have the knowledge of the operations then, they make more effective interactions with the operations for creating the competitive benefit by improving processes.


When the marketing team of the company comes up with a new product concept in the company, they are required to interact with the operations team to know whether the product will be beneficial for the company or not. So, having knowledge of the operations they can come up with the ideas of the product which will always be better.

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