How to Write a Law Essay using the ILAC Method?

Law essays can be daunting. When it comes to answering law questions, there is one foolproof method of answering these types of questions. It is known in many names but; it is the same principle. It is known as the ILAC method. Writing a law essay is difficult and it can welcome a lot of challenges for you. When doing law essays, a popular writing style used is ILAC Method. Law students are expected to have a thorough knowledge of using the ILAC Method in their essays. Students get high marks when they use this method for legal analysis, as it is easy to understand. A Law essay is typical since you are expected to analyse a specific case or judgement passed on it. This requires the students to have knowledge of the law cases so that they can manage the essays well. However, when managing law essays, a method that has been proven to be most effective is ILAC Method.


Overview of ILAC Method

ILAC method is known by various names but it is popular with ILAC only. It is a structured method to develop a solution for a legal problem using appropriate logic. More than a method, it is a framework that is used to structure various problems and address them. The best way to write a law essay is to carry out a proper analysis of the work. Using this framework helps you score high marks in your law assignments and essays. ILAC includes Issue, Law, Application and Conclusion.

  • Issue: This is the precise introduction of the law question. The focus is on introducing the reader to the topic. The introduction should not be lengthy, and these should be very precise.
  • Law: In this step, there is a need to associate problems with the specific law. There is a need to determine the right law which would suit the problem. The laws must be appropriate. For this, proper research needs to be conducted.
  • Application: This includes the application of the law to the problem statement. Every problem statement is different, so the application method is also different.
  • Conclusion: This part is about summarizing the entire case. The conclusion should include important points from the previous three steps, issue, law, and application.

To apply the ILAC Method, there can be certain steps that you should follow. These are as follows.

  • Reading the case law extensively: the first step is to read the case effectively so that thorough analysis can be done. This provides a proper understanding of the case and the writer can comprehend the situation.
  • Explaining the case law in short form: At this step, the focus is on taking up the case law precisely and only taking up important points.
  • Removing the facts that are not much relevant: you need to eliminate all the facts that are not relevant to the facts at this stage.
  • Providing a sum of all the facts: This step is about analysing all the facts that have been collected before and then providing a conclusion based on it.
  • Determining the key issue of the case law: This step is about determining the key issues of the case law effectively.

It is difficult to manage law essays using the ILAC method if you have never used it before. If this is your first essay and you do not want to score less so you can take help from assignment experts who have been writing Law essays.

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